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Sponsored by JMC Council members Frank Vicino and John Luckett, and an anonymous donor

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Retail Entrepreneurship

Retail Entrepreneurship

By supporting the Center for Retail Entrepreneurship, you are helping providing opporuntities for students to attend conferences and competitions hosted by the National Retail Federations, aid in updating the merchandising lab to keep up with the lat

51 Donors $1,270.00 Raised
Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

This summer, the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship will be hosting its annual Entrepreneurship Summer Camp specially designed for high school students. With your support, we can ignite an entrepreneurial mindset for the next generation of leaders

33 Donors $1,965.00 Raised
Entrepreneurship Learning Community Housing

Entrepreneurship Learning Community Housing

Support the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Living Learning Community by providing a deserving student in financial need with a housing scholarship to live in the EILC at Deviney Hall.

16 Donors $410.00 Raised
Women in Entrepreneurship

Women in Entrepreneurship

The percent of female owned businesses has increased by 114% in the past 20 years. Support the Jim Moran College by helping us provide resources, sharpen business skills, and create networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

40 Donors $1,370.00 Raised
Entrepreneurship Graduate Program

Entrepreneurship Graduate Program

Support students as they further their education in one of the four entrepreneurship graduate programs. With your generosity the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship can provide assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships for tomorrow’s leaders.

14 Donors $950.00 Raised

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