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Student Life

Student Life

The FSU student experience is unlike any other and we need your support to continue to provide unique opportunities for our students to learn and grow! With your contribution, we are paving the way for future generations and great minds to come.

29 Donors $5,590.00 Raised
FSU Flying High Circus

FSU Flying High Circus

The FSU Flying High Circus has been captivating audiences for more than 75 years. A contribution to the FSU Circus will help keep this tradition alive for years to come!

93 Donors $16,410.00 Raised
Unconquered Scholars

Unconquered Scholars

With your support, the Unconquered Scholars program will continue to provide underrepresented students with guidance, mentorship, advocacy, community, and a voice to further ensure both their personal and professional success here at FSU and beyond!

47 Donors $3,984.00 Raised
Student Emergency Fund

Student Emergency Fund

When a crisis arises, some students may not have the resources available to survive an economic setback. Help us provide students with the ability to get back on their feet during an emergency, accident, natural disaster, or other unexpected events.

82 Donors $5,720.00 Raised

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